Urban eRide AX8
The original classic

Urban eRide AX8 Specs

Endurance king, go further with Lithium technology

Cobra concept design

350W max output power

10 inch wheels with grip-fast wide tyres

E-ABS anti-lock brakes

28 mile range on one full charge

Rear wheel drive with dual suspension

A safe limited 25Km top speed

15Kg net weight

15 degree climbing angle

Fully CE marked

The original and best

Built to last.. Ride in style


Use in wet weather conditions..

Ultra clear LCD display

Choose pedestrian mode for low speeds
Select drive mode for normal speeds
Opt for sport mode to speed things up
Displays your current speed
Charge level is indicated at the bottom

Embedded detachable battery

Heavy duty lithium cells for reliably long rides
Upto 28 miles on one full charge
Fully charged in 5 hrs

Stay safe with ultra bright LED front and rear lights

The triple brake system allows automatic shutdown if dismounted
Flashing brake light alerts anyone behind the rider


Urban stats

Lightweight at 15KG
Easy to store in the boot of you car
Folds to carry in 3 secs

The Urban AX8

The only choice
Ride in style..

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