Urban Breeze

At Urbanbreeze, our mission is to provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for individual transport. We believe that the way we move in cities should not only be convenient and stylish but also sustainable and responsible. That's why we're dedicated to offering a range of high-quality, green e-scooters that redefine the future of transportation.

We recognize that e-scooters are currently illegal to ride on pathways and roads in the UK, but we firmly believe that this must change to help protect our environment. It's time for a shift in how we view urban transportation. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond the products we offer. We're driven by a passion for creating a cleaner, greener world and reducing our carbon footprint. With our eco-friendly e-scooters, we aim to change the way people commute, making it more sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable.

In pursuit of our commitment to sustainability and innovation, we're actively working to introduce a range off-road e-scooters designed for use on private land. We understand that our goal for eco-friendly transportation options extends to a possible future on public roads and dedicated pathways. Whether you're exploring your estate, enjoying the countryside, or managing large properties, our off-road e-scooters will currently provide an exciting and eco-conscious solution for private land use.

Our vision is not only to advocate for changes in regulations but also to offer practical, environmentally responsible alternatives. We're dedicated to expanding access to green transportation and reducing the impact on our planet.

Every ride on one of our e-scooters is a step out of the standard automobile and a small step towards a cleaner planet. We're proud to contribute to reducing urban pollution and traffic congestion while promoting a healthier and more sustainable way of living in our cities.

Join us in this mission. Let's ride together toward a brighter, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly future. Together, we can work toward changing regulations and embracing e-scooters as a sustainable mode of transportation in the UK.

E-scooters are not a legal form of transport in the United Kingdom and must not be used on public roads or pathways. They are intended solely for off-road use on private land with the owner's consent. UrbanBreeze.co.uk takes no responsibility for any use of e-scooters outside of our terms of use, including any potential legal consequences arising from misuse on public roads or pathways
See our terms of use for clarification.